Press Release August 26th, 2020

A new investment has been done

Business Angels from the Stuttgart region and the German Aerospace Center(DLR e.V.) invest together in msquare

The German Aerospace Center(DLR e.V.) and Business Angels from Stuttgart invest in msquareand do not only accelerate the companies growth with money but also with a lot of expertise. The new Investors will become shareholders of the young company and will help to develop new products and conquer new markets.

At first the msquare GmbH was a Spin-Off of the German Aerospace Center in Stuttgart. The company’s main focus lies on the development, production and the distribution of innovative heating technologies that delivers an optimized way to produce and repair composite structures. Main markets are the windenergy and aerospace sector but also any industries that demand efficient heating systems.

Marvin Schneider (left) and Markus Kaden (right), founders and managing directors of msquare GmbH

msquare GmbH – Innovative heating concept for the repair of fiber composites

Planes, rotorblades of windenergyplants or rocket booster – high performance materials are needed in a great variety of branches. For the production of these parts or the repair of damaged structures the msquare equipment gives an efficient and easy way to handle these problems.

The patented FlexInHeat® technology is the innovative core of these products and can even process high performance composite materials as PEEK or PAEK. Temperature can be applied to a precise area without heating the surrounding areas actively.

Mobile repair case with flexible heating mat in use on a wind turbine blade

The typical msqure product consists of heating elements and an easy to use mobile unit. The control device is easy to use and can be adapted to the customer’s need.

With the help of the new investors the industry of innovative heating technologies will be redefined.

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