A hot bonder like no other!

Lightweight, Handy and Multifunctional- Your RedZero Extended

Tadaaaa…Finally the time has come and we can introduce you to the new single zone hot bonder. No matter if you want to repair or rework composite parts, the new RedZeroX will be your new helper! It is perfectly suited for on-site repairs, e.g. on airplanes or wind turbines.

Equipped with all important features, the stage is now yours!

Extra features, higher efficiency

You can easily treat individual zones. Simply connect your msquare heating blanket to the RedZeroX and prepare the area to be treated – easy. Thanks to the integrated WiFi, your smart hot bonder can easily be connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop and allows you to control your heating process remotely.

Attention, here comes your extra: The additional four temperature sensors provide improved curing control and via the vacuum connection you have the possibility to log the vacuum.

Documented quality

Thanks to the internal software, all temperature and vacuum data is continuously recorded and available for download at any time. In the online tool Repair Insights, you can have your graphs and PDF reports generated automatically without much effort and view all completed jobs in the history. Other files, such as images, can also be added to each job to optimize your process and increase quality – that’s a promise!

Make your life simpler.

We heat. We solve. We innovate. We make the difference. msquare!