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Smart control with easyHeat

Application example easyHeat on the multi-zone Hot Bonder RedBonder

The user-friendly easyHeat software is an integral part of all msquare heating systems and makes it easy to control and monitor multi-stage heating processes. The software can be used effortlessly via any browser on any end device with a WLAN function. In order to design heating processes efficiently, easyHeat offers the option of setting and saving heating ramps with just a few clicks. Parameters such as dwell time, temperature and heating speed can be adjusted as required and called up again at a later date for existing or new heating applications.

All sensor values, including the current temperature and vacuum, are clearly displayed in a color-coded graph and table on the start page. Sensors that are not required for the heating process can simply be hidden so that only relevant sensor values are displayed. The heating processes are controlled precisely via individual input fields, which enable customized control according to requirements. Self-defined error limits and various control methods as well as user levels allow you to retain full control and documentation for the entire duration of the application. Once the process is complete, the saved heating processes are available for download as PDF and *.csv files.

In order to increase the quality and efficiency of the heating process, error management enables an early and targeted response to sources of error. If the maximum temperature is exceeded during the heating process, for example, an intelligent pause function is activated within the error management system. easyHeat also offers monitored self-calibration and adjustment. In addition, the software can be used to record the temperature sensors of a heating system only for monitoring other processes.

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