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Advanced heating with msquare

With great ambition and passion, msquare develops and produces innovative, flexible and customized heating technologies that revolutionize the production and repair of fiber composite structures and help to use resources sustainably and flexibly.




The perfect duo of smart heating controller and flexible silicone heating blanket enables efficient repairs to the rotor blade thanks to the homogeneous heat distribution and precise heat supply, which can be automatically controlled and documented via a smart device.

When repairing and manufacturing high-performance structures, temperatures of up to 400°C can be reached quickly and precisely with the help of smart control units, silicone heating blankets and fan heaters. The heat is distributed homogeneously and the automated documentation achieves an improved quality assessment in the repair area.

80% less energy consumption in production sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too. That’s why we have revolutionised heating technology for manufacturing processes with our heating mats. By the way, our flagship is called FlexIn Heat® technology.

Passion meets innovative spirit

Heating technologies are used in many industries around the world in both manufacturing and production. The wind energy, aerospace and general composite industries in particular make use of these heating processes and consider different technologies depending on the application. As msquare, we offer every industry heating elements that can be optimally adapted to the individual heating process and are easy to operate. We rely on efficient and modern resistance heating technology, hot air and induction heating technology.

Rotorblade Repair- WIndenergy


Thanks to a broad product range consisting of resistance heating blankets, induction heating blankets, heating controllers, multi-zone hot bonders and innovative operator software, every need can be met and optimum results achieved. The customer’s needs are always at the forefront and are reliably met with high quality standards through individual service and direct communication. In order to continuously meet this quality standard, we at msquare invest in the further development of user-friendly heating systems and herald a new era in heating technology.

An important core competence of msquare is the flexible induction technology FlexIn Heat®, which generates a homogeneous temperature distribution on a defined surface and achieves high heating rates thanks to the directional power output. This technology is predestined for using inductive heating in a variety of ways. High heating rates can be achieved through high transferable energies. It can be scaled as required and is actually also suitable for larger surfaces.

Innovative Heating Technology


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We further develop technology researched at DLR and bring it to market.


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