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New repair and manufacturing processes for high performance structures

Highly efficient aerospace structures require equally highly efficient repair technology. Important here is the application of a constant and homogeneous temperature. With our FlexIn Heat induction coil, we make this possible. This reduces the need for large-scale paint stripping or disassembly of add-on parts during local heat treatment. This repair technology is also ideally suited for new materials such as carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

Thanks to our advantages, you can now work at very high temperatures while achieving high heating rates and short cycle times.

All Benefits at a Glance

Homogeneous Temperature Distribution

Increased Repair Area Performance

Processing of new materials like fiber reinforced thermoplastics

Precise Heat Supply for CFRP & GFRP Structure Repair and Heating

Automated Documentation for Quality Assessment

Temperatures up to 400°C are possible

Easy Handling & Less Auxiliary Materials

Fast and Precise Heating Rates