…hot, hotter, hottest.

Smart heating with hot air- Your RedAirX

You want to repair complex geometries and need homogeneous heat distribution and exact temperature measurements? Then let us introduce you to our latest product: our RedAirX fan heater.

A mobile oven system with the same function as its predecessor RedAir, but smart! Thanks to the recirculating air mode and the turbulent air flow, the heat is distributed very homogeneously and you achieve temperatures of up to 180 °C. With the four thermocouples, measuring the temperature is easier and more precise than ever before.

Innovative and smart!

As already mentioned, our fan heater is smart! New: In the innovative easyHeat control software, you can set any heating cycles and various control modes for optimal performance and, of course, monitor them. In addition, access is via wifi with logging function. The RedAirX also has a connection for a signal light that makes itself felt in case of danger – Inaudible and unmissable!

Depending on whether you need a mobile oven system or a local heat treatment with hot air box or an annealing tent, you have the choice between the different designs such as flange for connecting hoses, grids and nozzles

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