Innovative heating technology for repair processes on rotor blades

The efficient use of heating technologies

Heating technology plays an important role in the manufacture and maintenance of fiber composite components in wind energy. By using heating systems, these components can be heated efficiently and precisely to ensure optimal curing of the resin. This is crucial for the strength and durability of the rotor blades. In addition, the heating technology also enables the repair of damaged fiber composite components. Through targeted heating, cracks and damage can be localized and repaired without having to replace the entire rotor blade. This saves time and costs in the maintenance of wind turbines.

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Rotorblade repair wind energy

However, it is important to note that the use of heating technology to repair rotor blades in individual turbines also poses certain challenges. Temperature control and monitoring during the heating process is of great importance to avoid overheating or uneven heating. In addition, heating systems must be safe and reliable to minimize potential risks. For this reason, it is very important to use high quality repair equipment when repairing rotor blades.

The advanced msquare control units RedZero and RedMini and the silicone heating blankets offer a reliable and effective solution for the repair of rotor blades in wind turbines.

The flexible silicone heating blankets have been specially developed to ensure even heat distribution over the entire surface of the rotor blade. This provides optimum adhesion of the repair material and a high-quality repair result. In addition, the advanced temperature controllers allow precise temperature control and adjustment of the heating blankets to the specific requirements of the repair process.

Overall, the use of reliable and durable heating blankets and heating controllers offers many benefits for wind energy, including minimized downtime, increased service life of wind turbines and many efficient repair options that also reduce operating costs.

All Benefits at a Glance

Homogeneous temperature distribution

Increased Repair Area Performance

Fast Application on the Rotor Blade Repair Area

Specific Adjusted Repair Equipment

Automated Documentation During MRO Wind Energy

Lifetime Improvement of the Rotor Blade

Easy Handling & Less Auxiliary Materials

Precise Heat Supply for CFRP Structure Repair and Heating