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A powerful, user-friendly and innovative multi-zone hot bonder

The RedBonderPro is an intelligent 3-zone control unit for controlling silicone heating blankets, fan heaters and infrared lamps. It is the optimal tool for repairing and processing fiber composite materials.  Whether resistance heating blankets, infrared lamps, fan heaters or a combination of these; the heating controller can be used to operate up to three heating elements simultaneously and independently of each other.

By means of our exclusive and innovative easyHeat software, temperature processes are created quickly and user-friendly. Heating recipes, as well as configurations of the heating elements, can be stored in a library and restarted with just a few steps. Data can either be read out via USB or easily transferred via wireless network. The latter allows remote operation of the device at the same time. Due to the handy design, the heating controller can be used mobile everywhere.

This multi-zone hot bonder was developed with 24 temperature sensor connections, which allow precise control based on various temperature parameters such as average, minimum or maximum. In addition, the RedBonderPro has a vacuum port for recording the vacuum and a warning device for visual and audible signals.

easyHeat – A software for high demands

With the easyHeat operating software, the heating process is conveniently controlled via the built-in modern touch screen or via the integrated wireless access with a smart device. Recipes can be created and saved from up to 12 building blocks and individual input fields can be set before the process begins. Once created, these heating recipes can also be reused for subsequent processes. The saved settings on the device offer every user the possibility to continue working with the same configuration at a later time.

Sensor values such as temperature and pressure are visualized graphically and in tabular form simultaneously with the running heating process. The software also offers complete documentation of the data obtained. Not only temperature, pressure and power values can be stored, but also comments and additional fields that were inserted during the process. 

In addition, the user-friendly error management of the easyHeat software enables a fast and targeted response to error sources. Error messages for the individual sensors, e.g. in the event of a failure or if tolerances are exceeded, appear directly in a pop-up window on the display. The respective error sources can be precisely recorded during the entire process using the comment function and provide users with a detailed overview for the individual heating phases.


The RedBonder is a 2-zone control unit that is ideally suited for smaller repairs or processing of fiber composites. Up to two heating elements can be connected to the RedBonder and operated simultaneously and independently by our innovative easyHeat software. Compared to the Pro version, it has eight connections for temperature sensors, which provide accurate readings for the individual parameters. 

The design as a case with wireless access and the innovative easyHeat operator software also allows the RedBonder to be mobile anywhere and anytime. Just like our RedBonderPro, the RedBonder can also remotely create and control heating recipes for the connected fan heaters via a smart device using the software.

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