The easy to use heat controller for desired temperatures in just three steps.

Plug in, turn on and power up – Your RedMini

You need a quick and easy to use operation for your composite repair and want to bring your msquare silicone heating blanket to the right temperature in just a few steps? Then the RedMini heat controller is exactly the right tool for you!

Very simple!

  1. Connect the controller to the heating blanket
  2. Set the controller setpoint via arrow keys
  3. Let’s go. Now your msquare silicone heating blanket is ready to heat!

The RedMini heat controller is able to use any msquare heating blanket. Whether large or small with a temperature range up to 140°C, it is suitable for a variety of heating applications. Whether repairing the rotor blades of a wind turbine, a glider or a yacht, the RedMini is a reliable partner for your heating process.

Small, handy and easy to use.

The heat controller is plugged in and starts immediately. The desired temperature of 0°C – 140°C can be set via the arrow keys. The control unit controls the temperature without detours and maintains it permanently.

You can then read the desired heating temperature on the LED display on the RedMini heat controller and change it at any time.

A status LED provides feedback on the process that has been carried out. If the temperature is in the good range, a green light indicates that the desired set temperature can be maintained. If the light is red, the user is clearly informed that the control is out of tolerance.

It is ideally suited for composite repairs at an ambient temperature of – 20 °C … +50 °C, which do not require extra documentation for quality assurance. Furthermore, with a size of 8x13cm and a weight of only 760gr, it is easy to hold.

Make your life simpler.

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