Resistance heating blanket

The perfect solution even for highly curved fiber composite components

flexible silicone heating blanket

Flexible and thin like no other

The TÜV and NRTZL-certified resistance heating blankets are very durable and a special feature on the market thanks to their high flexibility. Due to the silicone membrane, they fit perfectly against the component surface and enable a very homogeneous heat input into the material. Even strongly 2-dimensionally curved composite components can be easily treated with the flexible silicone heating blanket. They reach temperatures of up to 180°C and, in contrast to conventional heating blankets, the temperature distribution is demonstrably more homogeneous over the entire heating surface.

The flexible silicone heating blankets are perfect for use in the aerospace industry, as well as for composite repairs and for in-field applications, such as rotor blade repairs on wind turbines.

To optimize the attachment of the heating blankets to the composite components, extra features such as edge protection or eyelets can be attached and an insulating cushion integrated. The blankets are controlled and regulated simply and digitally via the various control units, such as the RedMini and RedZero heating controllers and the hotbonders RedZeroX and RedBonderPro.

heating blanket
Vacuum heating blanket

Repairs under vacuum

As standard, the heating blanket is equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to monitor the temperature of the heating element during the entire heating process. In combination with our heating controllers, you can then precisely map your desired heating ramp and keep your target temperature stable even when ambient conditions fluctuate due to wind and weather.

The silicone heating blankets are therefore suitable for use in the aerospace industry as well as for composite repairs and in-field applications such as wind turbine rotor blade repair.

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