Nothing but hot air?

That’s great – I think to myself! Because you can do a lot of things with hot air, like make a hot air balloon fly – and that’s pretty cool! But we don’t want to take off at msquare. For us, hot air is an important medium for composite repair and the production of composite …

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2 Clicks for creating a composite curing report

Dokumentation Composite Heizvorgang

How long does it take to document a composite curing process? The documentation of the heating process is an important proof in wind energy and aviation that the composite repair was carried out properly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And thus it stands for quality and reliability. Nowadays, a detailed report on the curing …

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Composite repair under vacuum conditions – How a heating blanket eliminates the need for vacuum build-up

Vakuum-Heizmatte für Composite

What difference does it make whether composites are repaired under vacuum? Almost all manufacturers’ repair manuals specify the use of vacuum for composite repairs. However, in this respect I remember a conversation with an experienced composite technician who has specialized in the repair of composite components for several decades and who firmly argues against the …

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The digital transformation of heating – Optimal control of heating processes with the smart heating controllers from msquare.

easyHeat digitaler Heizregler für Composite

Heating controllers operated via smartphone, tablet or PC With the smart heating controllers and hot bonders from msquare, the digital transformation is taking place in the area of composite tempering and repair. Where analog rotary controls were previously used to set the temperature of the heating blanket, the msquare app “easyHeat” now facilitates the specific …

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Press Release August 26th, 2020

A new investment has been done Business Angels from the Stuttgart region and the German Aerospace Center(DLR e.V.) invest together in msquare The German Aerospace Center(DLR e.V.) and Business Angels from Stuttgart invest in msquareand do not only accelerate the companies growth with money but also with a lot of expertise. The new Investors will …

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online shop. This platform allows you to explore and purchase our products with ease and convenience. Feel free to explore the latest selection.