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How long does it take to document a composite curing process?

The documentation of the heating process is an important proof in wind energy and aviation that the composite repair was carried out properly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And thus it stands for quality and reliability.

Nowadays, a detailed report on the curing process is required by many customers. However, the documentation also serves quality purposes for the service providers and composite manufacturers themselves. Curing under certain temperature conditions often takes ten hours or more.

Due to detailed process documentation, the conditions under which the curing process took place can be retraced.

Automated temperature documentation by using easyHeat software

Automatically generated reports

For documentation purposes, the heating controllers and hot bonders from msquare offer a convenient solution for service providers or manufacturers of composite components. The temperature data is automatically recorded during the entire heating process.

After the cooling phase or after the heating process is finished, the detailed data log of the composite curing can be downloaded by pressing a button in the easyHeat software. A data log contains temperature data ranging from a few hours up to several days curing process.

Report generation by 2 buttons

By pressing another button the log file is imported into the msquare evaluation tool. A full curing report is then created automatically. This report not only contains all project-relevant information, but also the heating ramp graph. At a glance, it is possible to see to which temperature conditions the component was exposed during the entire heating and curing phase.

If several temperature elements were applied to the composite component during the heating process they will be  evaluated as well and their deviation will be indicated. The report is generated as PDF file and thus can be easily sent by email or filed in the QM system.

And now for the best part: It took no more than two buttons to create this important proof of quality! A real efficiency gain! So you can focus on your actual job and we are happy to make your work easier.

Example of repair report generated by RedZero heat controller

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